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1 August 2017

Starfuels is pleased to announce the initiation of their barging department in Rotterdam.

The barging team is expertly staffed by Jair Wilfried Soe-Agnie and Roy Dorleijn, both of whom have had several years of experience, almost exclusively, within shipping and barge brokering. Starfuels has been searching extensively for the perfect barging team for several years. With this new team in place, Starfuels is capable of extending our many services, offering a variety of solutions relating to the ever-fluctuating barging market.

Contact details are as follows:

Starfuels BV
Glashaven 49
3011 XG Rotterdam

Tel.: +31 85 111 7800 (main)

31 May 2015

Starfuels announces the opening of London office

Starfuels is pleased to announce the opening of its London office on the 1st June 2015. Initially focusing on physical products, with Tim Broughton and Hesh Saranapala on middle distillates and Julian Bowman as managing director, with Fenella Raffety as Operations Executive.

Contact details are as follows:

Starfuels Energy Ltd
29 Farm Street
London W1J 5RL

Tel.: +44 20 3814 1380 (main)

Julian Bowman
Fenella Raffety

15 September 2012

Starfuels SA announces opening New York office

Starfuels SA, on behalf of its worldwide group of companies, is pleased to announce the opening of its New York office. The new entity is called Starfuels Inc. Starfuels Inc will start with a strong fuel oil and crude team. The fuel oil team (ex GFI/OC) consists of: Ricky Fasano, Stephen Fabrizi and Chris Laico. The crude team (ex TFS) will be formed by Gerard Delissio and Gregory Mason. Both teams have many years of brokering experience.

Starfuels has been looking for the right fuel oil and crude brokers for quite some time and with these two experienced teams they feel they have created a tremendous addition to the group. The fuel oil team will be responsible for all cracked fuel brokerage activity, both physical and derivative transactions, whereas the crude team will be responsible for crude oil and derivatives. The new USA based group will complement Starfuels’ European offices in Geneva and Rotterdam.

Starfuels is the new trade name under which the original owner and founders of Starsupply are committed to re-creating a global brand of physical-orientated niche oil brokers. Starfuels’ strategy to achieve this objective is to attract highly talented brokers and by the acquisition of specialized boutique firms within the industry.

20 August 2012

Merger Starfuels BV and UBI BV

Starfuels BV and United Brokers International BV (UBI) of Brielle, Holland are pleased to announce the merger of their brokering teams. Combining our two highly specialized groups will add value to our worldwide client base markets and will offer increased depth of market coverage. We view this merger as very timely in light of the increased global activity in the physical oil trade. After the merger UBI will operate under the name Starfuels BV and be based at Starfuels’ offices in Rotterdam, Holland. The members of the new team are: Martijn van der Velden, Kevin Linkels and Bram de Cocq. Starfuels BV feels that these experienced brokers will create a tremendous addition to the group. The new team will be responsible for the physical fuel oil and physical gasoil brokerage activity of the merged company.

05 July 2012

Starfuels Press Release

Starfuels has recently opened offices in Geneva, Switzerland, is trying to revise and renovate a physically-based international oil brokerage firm that operates twenty four hours a day, in all time zones. Physical oil brokerage is best suited for niche or “boutique-style” operations.

Starsupply, Starfuels’ predecessor, divested itself almost ten years ago. Under the experienced guidance of Robert Ryneveld, Starfuels’ managing director, a return to the origins of the specialized oil-only independent brokerage is his main objective. Starfuels will be using a multitude of oil experts and specialists. According to Ryneveld, there is great urgency in accomplishing this renovation.

Quality will always trump, but never trample, quantity. The physical oil broker will once again become both an impartial entity and an integral part of the family that produces properly managed more responsible “boutique-style” oil firms. Starfuels is invested in the idea that, in order to be more flexible and more focused on oil-based trading, one must emphasize physical oil supplies, twenty-four, multiple time zone operations and real customer relations. This is the right time to refocus our goals and energies, going back to the system of niche oil brokerage that will produce physical results and profits.