Starfuels Market Report - Fuel Oil

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Futures contracts, swaps contracts and options thereof (collectively "Commodities Contracts") involve risk of loss and are not appropriate for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Any market recommendations or information communicated by Starfuels, Inc. ("Starfuels"), are based upon information obtained from sources believed by Starfuels to be reliable. Such recommendations and information may be based solely on the opinion of Starfuels and that such information may be incomplete and may be unverified. Starfuels makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to, and shall not be responsible for, the accuracy or completeness of any information or trading recommendation furnished to you. Changes in market conditions may affect the foregoing market reports. Please contact Starfuels for firm bids and offers. The foregoing market reports are strictly those of Starfuels. This is a solicitation to enter into a derivatives transaction.

This material includes price information that does not account for transaction costs, such as commissions, or slippage. Actual trades made in reliance on this price information will result in transaction costs and may incur slippage, which will adversely affect the value of the trade.